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This page is intended to provide important information on how PYS operates financially. Any further questions should be directed to


Financial Operations

  • PYS operates a fiscal year of January - December
  • IRS documentation could be found at our IRS Filings page
  • Further details on financial operations could be found in the PYS Bylaws, which could be found at our PYS Bylaws page
  • PYS operates as Net 30
  • A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks 
  • If payment is not made for participation in a given sport, athletes will be put on the PYS "black list" and will be unable to participate in future PYS sports


  • Request for refunds must be issued to your sport's Director or to the PYS Treasurer at
  • Refunds are not issued once the sport's season has begun, typically the first practice or first tryout
  • A $25.00 processing fee will be applied to all refunds (Starting Winter of 2015)
  • Refunds issued for payments made by credit card will be reduced by the credit card processing fees 
  • Refunds are issued bi-weekly