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Mandatory Coaches' Background Checks



     Kings Park Soccer Club requires you to have background checks performed on ALL our coaches.  The checks last for two years or until the end of the Spring outdoor season of the second season.  All coaches must reapply before each Fall season.  Please read below information and make sure you are taking the correct background screening for your correct league. If you are a coach for a team that plays in both LIJ and NY Club, YOU MUST COMPLETE BACKGROUND SCREENINGS FOR BOTH LEAGUES.


Risk Management for ENYYSA

(LIJ Soccer and all In-House coaches)

How to complete the RISK MANAGEMENT requirement for Coaches:

1) Go to Eastern New York Youth Soccer website - Risk Management link by clicking here.

2) Create a new account or Login and register (Pay $15 Fee)

4) Once you are approved, forward your approval e-mail to the Kings Park Soccer Club.

 as well as  your division coordinator.

6) Keep a copy for your own records

7) Forward the e-mail receipt to     for your $15 re-imbursement


   Risk Management for US Club Soccer


Pursuant to U.S. Soccer rules, staff registration is required of all individuals working with or managing youth players, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff, or registered with another U.S. Soccer member organization. This includes all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers assigned to a team with youth players


Complete Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) online course. [usclubsoccer.sidelinesportsdoc.com/]

Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete this course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). Users will receive a certificate number when the course is complete, which must then be entered into the corresponding background screening application (see #2 below). The SSD certificate number must be entered into the background screening application in order to proceed. Invalid SSD certificate numbers will delay registration. This step must be completed by the person registering with US Club Soccer.

Complete background screening. [US Club Soccer Background Screening Application]

US Club Soccer substantially increased its background screening standard and transitioned the application and process to the SportsEngine platform. A valid SSD certificate number is required to complete the background screening application. This step must be completed by the person registering with US Club Soccer. 


Forward any payment receipts to     for re-imbursement