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Image result for futsalNote: Futebol de Salao (Brazilian Futsal) program is only offered during the summer!  To learn more about why we believe Fusal is one of the best tool for soccer development, click or copy and paste the links below and watch the videos.

IntroductionThe Futsal, also known as Futebol de Salao, is a sport that was adapted from the football field to the courts. Futsal is much practiced in Brazil as part of major sports activates of physical education classes in schools throughout the country.

History of Futsal: Futsal was created in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1934. The creator was a physical education teacher of the YMCA of Montevideo, Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier. This teacher named sports as indoor-Foot-Ball. 

Characteristics and rules of Futsal: The teams are fielded of five outfield players (including goalkeeper) and 7 players at most, as substitute. Substitutions may occur at any time and in undetermined number. The game is played on a rectangular wood rigid floor, with measures that vary depending on the category. In Men's Futsal League, for example, the court must be between 38 and 42 meters long by 18-25 wide. A soccer ball must be between 62 and 64 cm in circumference and weighing between 400 and 440 grams.

Equipment: The game is played in a hard basketball court surface and futsal or tennis shoes must be worn.
Official:  One center referee and one assistant are required for each official match. The referee can use two cards to punish faults.
The yellow (warning) and red or blue (for 2 minutes or expulsion may be replaced by taking a goal.).

Duration of the game: Official games are consisted of U17–U20: (40 minutes 2 halves of 20 minutes)

Players and positions:
Numbers of players: (5 including the goalkeeper)
Goalkeeper (defends the goal with hands and feet and can also attack)
 Fixed (defensive player)
 Wing (plays over the sides),
 Pivot (moves in attack and take shots)

Benefits: With the small court and lack of walls, players are constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations, requiring quick thinking, good ball control, precise passing and creative solutions…children will enjoy professional instruction as well as playing a 5v5 game including goalkeepers.

Organizers: In Brazil, soccer leagues and events are run by CBFS (Brazilian Football Confederation of Salao). 
The international championships are organized by the AMF (World Futsal Association) based in Asuncion, (Paraguay) FIFA organizes Futsal World Championship, European Championship and the FIFA Confederations
Records: Brazil is one of the strongest teams. They have won the FIFA Futsal World Championship for the fifth time after defeating arch-rivals Spain 3-2 in extra time of a nail-biting final.
FYI, Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known as Falcao, was recognized by FIFA as the world's Best Futsal Player  

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