Coach Sam H.
Stars, Level 3, Xcel & Recreational Class Instructor
My love and passion for gymnastics came from my personal experience as a competitive gymnast. I was a level 7 competitive gymnast at Tumbling On USA. I have worked at Gym-Kinetics since 2012. I started as a recreational instructor and grew into the recreational girls director at Gym-Kinetics. I managed the recreational department for 3.5 years. In the past year, I became more involved in coaching our team students. I coach our pre-team "Stars" students, helping them transition from recreational to competitive gymnastics. I also started the Xcel program at Gym-Kinetics for the 2015-2016 season. I coached two separate levels of Xcel: Silver and Gold. Our students had a phenomenal first season and our Silver team took 2nd place in the state. The Xcel program has doubled in one year, and we hope to continue growing! I am looking forward to coaching Level 3 for the first time this season! It is such a pleasure to coach at Gym-Kinetics and touch so many childrens' lives!