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Player/Parent MUST posess a release approved by his/her current Association President prior to skating in tryouts, practices or games for a new Association.

If Player Release Form is approved, it must be presented at all tryouts and prior to committing to the new association.

If Player Release form is disapproved, player may not skate at tryouts of the new Association until the obligations, financial or otherwise are met or the appeal process has been undertaken.

If player/parent wish to appeal disapproval of Player Release form, they may do so by forwarding the Player Release form to their Section President along with letter of appeal.

If Section President upholds original Assocaitons ruling, player/parent may then appeal to the NYSAHA Board of Directors thru the State President.

Requests will be processed and mailed within ten (10) days of receipt providing all MCYH fees are paid in full, the individual has no outstanding balance with the team and team has no outstanding bill with the league.

When the release request is received the request will be routed to the players current team as well as the organization treasurer. Once the players financial standing is verified. the original form will be mailed to the address provided (part one of the form).

The original will be required for the player to participate in any activity with any oganization. Copies (fax included) are not acceptable. Once a release is issued, the player can no longer participate in any MCYH activity unless the original signed release is in posession of the player.
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